Upper School

The Upper School program is for high school students. The goal at this level is for students to learn to analyze and organize information in a logical manner while continuing to grow in wisdom and virtue. Lecture-based teaching, mimetic (imitative) teaching, and Socratic discussion are all employed by teachers so that students begin to engage with one another, evaluate validity, explore connections, and master new skills and ideas. Theology, the “queen” of the sciences, is integrated throughout each class, as students begin to understand that the light of Logos illuminates truth and unifies all of reality. We also incorporate opportunities for students to develop more winsome speech and demonstrate their burgeoning rhetorical skills.

At this stage, students will not only be expected to fully participate in class, but to be responsible for completing all assigned work and to come to class prepared each week.

Classes range from humanities (an integrated approach to literature, history, philosophy, and writing), art, music/strings, science, foreign language (Latin in middle school and Spanish in high school), logic, rhetoric, advanced English grammar, world geography, theater, and other electives.