What is Classical Education?

A most basic definition of classical education would be that this is education as it has been conducted for thousands of years in the Western part of the world. Its aims are to educate the whole person and to prepare and equip one for a life well-lived. Classical educators cultivate this by immersing a child’s heart in wisdom and virtue so that the child becomes well-versed in truth, goodness, and beauty. As Christians, we seek to bring the Scriptures to bear on all our studies. Our goal is ordo amoris, or rightly-ordered affections, from which flow right responses. 

In contrast, over the last century, mainstream educational has minimized or stripped away these qualities, resulting in an education that has been boiled down to mere career preparation instead of the development of human beings. Here at Harvest Homeschool Academy, we aim higher. We aim to teach our children not just that they can be successful employees, but also that they are mindful and soulful humans created in the image of God. Our focus is nourishment of the body, mind, and soul of each child.