At Harvest, we meet for 30 weeks, offering a full-day program on Mondays and an optional half-day program on Wednesday afternoons. On Mondays, students begin their days with an opening designed to set an atmosphere of delight and wonder for the day, an opening filled with the beauty of Scripture memorization, hymns, and virtue study.

Our classes utilize a blended classroom model. Instead of adhering to strict age or grade divisions, we want students to be in classes that captivate their imaginations by providing an appropriate amount of challenge, and not classes that crush their spirits or create boredom. We desire to work with the homeschooling parents to determine the appropriate placement of their children based upon both age and skill level, especially for language arts and Latin, where parents may elect that children be placed in a higher or lower group. All ages/grades are estimated approximations for our program levels.

The program is divided into these levels:

Our curricula is based on a 4-year cyclical approach. In 2020, our history focus was the Early Modern Era and our science focus was chemistry. In 2021, we explored the Modern Era and physics. In 2022, we will dive into the ancient world and biology. While we find this organizing principle to be useful in allowing parents to consolidate teaching preparation as they dig into the same material with children of different ages, we also see the wisdom in not centering our entire program around it. We do not want to be so tied to this model that we sacrifice one discipline for another, resulting in a lopsided education. As such, fine arts and literature selections will sometimes deviate from the time period being covered.

Our Scope & Sequence depicts a general overview of the anticipated skill development for each level, along with the guiding philosophies/goals for each discipline.