Annual Membership Fees 2022-2023

Co-op Fee$160/family
Facility Fee$150/family

Tuition & Academic Fees

Nursery Child (Infant2 years old)

Fee for Monday only$150/child or $200/family
Fee for Monday & Wednesday$250/child or $300/family

Pre-Grammar/Grammar/Dialectic Students

Tuition (1 day only)$150/child
Tuition (2 days)$250/child

Parent Volunteer Responsibilities  

(**A service credit is equal to 1 hr of helping or .5 hrs of teaching.)

For members with only Pre-Grammar/Grammar students:

  • 4-5 credits** serving if attending 1 day
  • 6-7 credits** serving if attending 2 days
  • Additional volunteer opportunities to serve community

For members with students at Dialectic/Rhetoric levels:

  • 1 credit** serving for each hour of class taken by each student, up to a family maximum of 6-7 service credits
  • Additional volunteer opportunities to serve community